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Smaller carbon footprint with Valutec kilns

Sawmills that choose Valutec kilns can reduce their carbon footprint from the building phase by 65 percent. This is shown in calculations in which the Valutec method of building kilns in stainless steel is compared to aluminium alternatives.
“The main reasons are the longevity  of stainless steel and our use of a large proportion of recycled steel in our kiln structures,” says Eric Johansson, sustainability manager at Valutec.


More efficient energy use with new motors

Valutec now offers motors with greatly improved efficiency for its lumber kilns. An extensive long-term test has shown that the new motors provide annual savings of just over 7,000 kWh in normal operations, compared to the motors previously fitted in lumber kilns. Also, the service life of the new motors is expected to be more than twice as long.
“They save both money and the climate. The new motors usually pay for themselves in around two years, and when we use less energy, we also decrease our climate impact,” says Joakim Berglund, sales manager at Valutec.