Over the years, Valutec's close cooperation with internationally leading researchers in Sweden and Finland has resulted in several pioneering innovations. Nordic sawmill technology is on the forefront of development. The benefit of being able to work in a home market with perhaps the world's most demanding customers has given us a good foundation for the international success of recent years. For Valutec, this has led to us today disposing over a number of important patents that extend over everything from advanced control systems to smart technical solutions and drying principles.

A few examples of Valutec's patents:

Air cooling of fan motors

Procedure and device for the cooling of the drive motor for the fan in a drying chamber. The fan motor is built in and equipped with forced cooling air. The cooling air is taken externally from the outdoor environment.

Adaptive temperature drop control

An adaptive control model for the drying of timber with high capacity, which continuously senses how much water evaporates from the timber and adapts the climate to mainly keep a constant drying speed.

OTC, Optimized Two-stage Continuous

Drying of timber in a 2-zone continuous kiln with air circulation in the timber's direction of motion in zone 1 and against the timber's direction of motion in zone 2. Provides improved drying quality of the dried timber in an unchanged length of time, or a shorter drying period at an unchanged drying quality. In addition, possibilities are provided for better controllability of the climate.

Power optimization of timber kilns and expert systems

Optimization of the drying process depending on material properties and the performance of the drying device. Possibility of optimizing capacity in relation to the equipment's properties and the desired quality results.

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