Valutec's corporate culture has long been characterized by a strong focus on research, development and technical innovations. Through a close cooperation with prominent sawmills throughout Europe, technical universities in Sweden and Finland, leading research bodies and specialized experts in wood research, we can offer technical solutions on the industry's cutting edge. An important explanation for our success is that we have the benefit of being in one of the world's most demanding domestic markets.

Our experiences from contacts with customers out in Europe have clearly shown that Nordic sawmill technology is on the forefront of development. This has given us a good foundation for the international success of recent years.


Over the years, Valutec has had development cooperation with the Swedish sawmill group SCA where the Deputy Production Manager at SCA Bollsta, Niclas Larsson, was a key person SCA has, among other things, contributed to the development of Valmatic's power control and TC dimension change.

Luleå tekniska universitet

In our continuous strive to develop the optimal drying process, Valutec cooperates with internationally prominent wood researcher at Luleå University of Technology. Two of the main people in this cooperation are Tom Morén, Professor of Wood Physics, and Margot Sehlsted-Persson, PhD in Wood Physics, who have both played significant roles in several important development projects with Valutec. Tom is behind the principles for adaptive drying control, which forms the basis of the development of Valutec's control system Valmatics.


Valutec has long had close cooperation with SP, a research institute that works on the development of methods for the processing and cost-effective processes for sawmills and wood industries. With its cutting-edge expertise in methods for measuring and controlling quality of logs and timber drying, SP is an important collaborative partner for Valutec.

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