Delivery and assembly

It is a matter of honor for Valutec that the work will always be completed on the agreed date. We are able to keep our promises by having an efficient production system that has been finely tuned over the years, as well as having the flexibility to quickly adapt each drying system to the unique needs of our customers. Every delivery follows an arranged schedule that ensures that Valutec keeps the promised dates for start of operations.

Each customer has their own dedicated project manager throughout, in order to make contact easier and ensure that the project runs with the the greatest possible quality and efficiency. Assembly is usually conducted by Valutec’s well practiced assembly team, but the customer can also choose to handle the assembly themselves, overseen by a supervisor from Valutec.

The machines and the finished building modules are delivered complete and the goal is to be able to finish the entire assembly until start-up in around 10 weeks. The ambition is to have the framework under the roof already after two weeks so that final assembly and continuous quality controls can be done in a safe and rational indoor environment. After final inspection and start-up, the facility is ready to be turned over to the customer. In connection with the delivery, the chief kiln operator is trained in safety, handling and control systems.

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