Valmatics 4.0

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Lumber kiln drying is one of the most quality-critical processes in sawmill production. Valmatics 4.0 is our latest control system, developed for industry 4.0, which allows sawmills around the world to automate and optimize drying in all types of lumber kilns. High process quality is guaranteed by simulators programmed with data from hundreds of thousands of measurements that enable the calculation of drying processes with unbeatable accuracy from beginning to end.

Valmatics 4.0 is the only control system on the market that combines simulator technology with adaptive control, and enables optimization based on capacity, quality and energy consumption. Simultaneous.

Valmatics 4.0 means modern TC continuous kiln functions can be put to full use. All the kiln operator needs to know is the incoming and desired outcoming moisture content – the system does the rest. This frees up time for more important operations such as saw planning, quality control and sampling.

Why it makes sense to upgrade to Valmatics 4.0

  • It's built for Industry 4.0 with integrated simulator technology for all kiln models.
  • It's the market's only simulator for batch kilns and TC continuous kilns.
  • Modern, intuitive user interface.
  • Adapted for use with the latest PLC technology.
  • Backward compatibility to reduce upgrading costs.
  • Improved parameter control.







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