To create the maximal conditions, every overhaul is preceded by a careful review of the plant in question done by Valutec's experienced experts. A diagnosis is then made based on the analysis and proposals of appropriate measures are provided in consultation with you as the customer. In connection with the overhaul of a facility, an upgrade is most often also made where the goal is to offer the solution that provides the best overall finances.

Examples of parts that can be overhauled:
- Ports (leaks, damage, insulation)
- Flaps (hardening, damage)
- Fans (condition)
- Boiling system (type, placement)
- Heat coils (age, condition)
- Control system (sensor type, placement)
- Electrical system (electrical locker, cabling)
- Pneumatic actuators (lines)
- Input and output air dampers (leaks, quality)
- Package measurement system


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