Valutec has extensive experience of timber drying. Through acquisition of companies in the industry, Valutec's history can be traced as far back at the 1920s. Together, the companies have delivered more than 3,000 batch kilns and more than 1,000 continuous kilns over the years.

Valutec AB's historical roots are in the 1940s in Skellefteå, Västerbotten, Sweden. This is when Alfred Lövgren founded a construction company that his three sons got involved in at the end of the 1960s. They continued with construction operations, but also became interested in timber drying./p>

The company's business in the 1970s is characterized by an intensive development in several areas, especially electronics and data. The connection to timber kilns is reflected in the early focus on the development of adaptive control, which took place at the same time.

In 1997, Utec sm AB acquired Valmet's divsion for timber kilns and formed Valmet Ut Oy. In 2001, the companies changed name to Valutec AB and Valutec OY, respectively. In January 2006, ABB Virkestorkar AB was also acquired and WSAB was acquired in 2009.

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Important years in our history

In 1922, Svenska Fläkt, which later became ABB Virkestorkar AB, delivered its first kilns.

In 1945, Valutec OY, under the name Valmet, delivered equipment to what at the time was called "artificial dryers".

In 1970, the first timber kiln was delivered from Skellefteå.

In 1972, the company obtained a patent on its dynamic drying process.

In 1980, timber kilns were sold to Czechoslovakia, Austria and Ireland. The P5000 control system was introduced that same year.

In 1987, the P7000 control system was introduced.

In 1988, patents were obtained on the OTC continuous kiln.

In 1990, the continuous kiln and a control system adapted for this kind of kiln were introduced.

In 1994, the Windows-based S9000 control system was introduced.

In 1995, patents were obtained on the Relax method and adaptive temperature drop control.

In 1997, Valmet's kiln division was acquired.

In 2006, ABB's kiln division was acquired.

In 2007, a patent was obtained for adaptive control of fan speed.

In 2009, WSAB was acquired.

In 2013, the first modern TC continuous kiln is commissioned at SCA Bollsta, Sweden. The kiln is named "Das Schwedische Monster" in German media.

In 2014, Valutec LLC is founded and a local sales office is opened in St Petersburg, Russia. 

In 2015, Valutec Wood Dryers Inc is founded and a local sales office is opened in Vancouver, Canada.

In 2016, the first modern TC continuous kiln is sold to Central Europe.

In 2017, the first modern TC continuous kiln is sold to Russia.

In 2018, the first modern TC continuous kiln is sold to Finland.

In 2018, the first modern TC continuous kiln is sold to North America.

In 2019, the new control system Valmatics 4.0 is launched.

In 2020, Valutec is acquired by public company Addtech.

In 2020, the company receives its´ largest order so far when Russian ULK invests in eight continuous TC kilns. 



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