Valutec offers a number of options for the drying facility, both to create more energy-efficient production and to maximize the end product's quality. Feel free to contact us for a proposal on what options are available.

Heat recovery system

Valutec's heat recovery unit VÅV is an upstream air/air heat exchanger that takes advantage of energy in the exhaust air for the heating of input air. The energy recovery for normal temperature intervals is at around 15-20% for progressive kilns. The design is compact and virtually entirely maintenance free. The evacuation fan is placed adjacent to the exchanger and, depending on the air volume, there are two sizes as standard.

In Valutec's heat recovery unit for air/liquid, a heat exchanger makes use of energy in the exhaust through the heating of input air. Exhaust air passes through an exhaust air coil where the energy in the exhaust air is recovered and converted to a heated glycol circuit that is pumped to an input air coil that heats the input air for the kiln.

The design is compact, entirely made of rustproof material and virtually entirely maintenance free, all the way down to the electrical energy to the circulation pump. The evacuation fan is placed adjacent to the exchanger. The energy recovery for normal temperature intervals for progressive kilns is at around 15-20% and for batch kilns around 8-15%, depending on geographic location and what products are dried. By pumping the recovered energy to other consumers, a considerable increase in the recovery rate is achieved. Other consumers may be input air on other progressive kilns and batch kilns, or the heating of premises.

Pressure frames

Pressure frames ensure minimal deformation of the uppermost layer of timber. A rustproof and stable guided load frame allows for firmly attached cylinders and completely tiltable frames without a risk of locking. Load of up to 2 tonnes per package. Rustproof connecting rods with viton seals and rustproof pipes, including connections. Also available in a scissor design for being built into existing kilns.


Steaming system for minimized crack growth, controlled moisture distribution and evened out moisture gradients.

High-pressure hot water steaming (HTVVB)
Preheated water is compressed and finely distributed in separate spray nozzles using high pressure. The higher water temperature facilitates the vaporization of the water drops, which provides effective humidification of the circulation air.

Steaming (Relax process)
The system uses steam to create a controlled climate during heating and conditioning. Through its condensation on the timber surfaces, the steam provides very rapid heating.

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