R&D key in TC-kiln success

The latest model of Valutec’s TC continuous kilns has been a worldwide success. Arguably, it is the first type of kiln other than the traditional batch kiln that suits the need of every market around the world.

In the last twelve months, Valutec has sold TC continuous kilns to all major markets in Europe, as well as Russia and North America.
“It’s a result of thousands of hours in research and development,” says Ingo Wallocha, managing director of Valutec Inc. “Thorough and long-term investments in R&D is an important part of Valutec’s identity. Our belief is that it is the best way for us to live up to our promise of being good for wood.”

Besides the development of the latest generation of TC-kilns, Valutec has also focused on further developing their control system Valmatics.

“There will be a lot of exciting things happening in the coming year,” says Wallocha.

Pleasant River Lumber of Maine, USA, is the first company in North America to invest in TC continuous kilns from Valutec. The company’s owner Jason Brochu said that the time of the investment that he felt it was an easy decision to invest in a TC-kiln.

“Valutec has a product that will position us at the leading edge throughout North America when it comes to drying technology,” says Jason Brochu, owner of Pleasant River Lumber. “We visited several Swedish sawmills that were using Valutec products and they exceeded our highest expectations in terms of the details, quality of design and energy efficiency.”

TC continuous kilns use cross-circulation. In this process, the wood is inserted lengthwise, with air circulating across the longitudinal direction of the kiln.


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